Call of Duty Mobile Mod Menu Android

Call of Duty Mobile Mod Menu Android
Call of Duty Mobile Mod Menu Android

Have you always wanted to know about the call of duty mobile mod menu android? If yes, then you are on the right page of the web.

Firstly, it is important you know some things about the call of duty game before moving to the mod menu. 

This game is one of the most famous games of our time and it is rated much better than other action games because of the unforgettable gaming experience it gives you.

Yes, it has an amazing cinematic storyline, beautiful graphics, animations, and polished gameplay. Of course, this game has a good number of the modified versions. We will talk about them as we show you the call of duty mobile mod menu android today.


The Call of Duty Game Overview

We have carefully highlighted the basic information you need to know about the call of duty mobile below. After this, we discuss the gameplay and features.

  • Call of Duty Mobile Mod Menu Android
Game Name Call of Duty Mobile Apk
Game Category Action 
Publisher Activision Publishing, Inc.
Compatibility Android 6 and above
Version 1.0.17
Game Size87.17 MB


Call of Duty Mobile Mod Menu Android

The Gameplay

Before highlighting the call of duty mod menu android for you, let’s talk about the gameplay and feature of the call of duty mobile apk now.

This game is an incredible and fantastic action game that will send you into a three-dimensional universe to conquer and fight against enemy forces. 

Throughout the entire process, you will need to prepare properly because it may be very difficult for you to defeat your opponent.

Gradually, you will have more levels unlocked and also build a relationship with other characters in the game. Meanwhile, the major challenge is to destroy the people terrorizing the planet.

You will be offered a choice of several heroes at once, each of which is unique has distinctive features as well as specialist knowledge in the conduct of the army.

By the way, each hero will have their own story and their motivation to win, so choose wisely. The storyline will amaze you with its uniqueness and great graphic quality.

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Features of Call of Duty Mobile Mod Apk 2020

Yes if you need the call of duty mobile mod apk unlimited everything, the call of duty mobile mod apk unlimited money no root or call of duty mobile hack mod apk unlimited money. Then below are some of the features you will find!

  • Ordinary soldier –This soldier has a healthy reserve of 50 units and shoot simple bullets. 
  • It is equipped with improved weapons and a lot of health.
  • The sniper perfectly disguises itself in any terrain, thanks to a special camouflage.
  • Black Hawk Helicopter – It generates up to 6 units of combat units.
  • Apaches – These are fire rockets at the signal of the Special Forces.
  • There are 4 types of tanks with unique weapons and characteristics.
  • New Battle Royale Map – Alcatraz, Reaper – Premium Club DJ, Halloween, and New Mythical Weapons
  • Presence of new Headquarters and Hardcore modes

Call of Duty Mobile Mod Menu Android

Call of Duty Mobile Mod Menu 2020

Having gone through all that has been discussed earlier, it’s about time we talk about the call of duty mobile mod menu android.

The call of duty mobile mod menu android will allow you more weapons and features after you have successfully downloaded them.

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30 Mod Menu for Call of Duty Apk

  1. Increased Jump
  2. Increased Fire Rate
  3. Increased Speed
  4. No Jump Penalty
  5. Minimap Radar
  6. No Radar Visibility
  7. No Weapon Recoil
  8. Perfect Crosshair
  9. Rainbow Chams
  10. No Spread
  11. Hide Weapon
  12. Wallhack
  13. Anti-Counter UAV
  14. Left Handed Weapon
  15. Game ESP Distance
  16. Game ESP Bar
  17. Field of View
  18. Aimbot
  19. Silent Aimbot
  20. Shoot to Aim
  21. Field of View Check
  22. Distance Check
  23. Shoot to Jump
  24. Shoot to Crouch
  25. Shoot to Prone
  26. Infinite Slide Loop
  27. Jump When Shot
  28. Crouch When Shot
  29. Prone When Shot
  30. Player Names Change

How to Download the COD Mobile Mod Menu 2020?

Before downloading the mod menu for the call of duty (COD), some precautions have to be taken. All of them are as shown below;

  • Ensure that you have allowed an application from unknown sources. This can be done by locating your phone settings, navigate to permission, and then allow application from unknown sources.
  • Make use of the Hostile app to download to avoid getting banned.
  • If you are making use of the mod menu, ensure that your android version is 6 +.

Now follow the steps below to get it installed on your android device;

  1. Click here to download Call of Duty game.
  2. Wait till the download process gets completed and locate where it is saved.
  3. Having confirmed that you have allowed an application from an unknown source, can install the game.
  4. Enjoy using your Call of duty mobile mod menu android.

In case you get banned while using your mod menu, just follow the steps below before creating a new account;

  • Uninstall Call of Duty MOD
  • Uninstall it from your internal storage aside from the License, Android files, and private files.
  • Change your IP address. Meanwhile, if you are on WLAN, you should disconnect it for about 10 seconds.
  • Reboot your phone.
  • Install Call of Duty again and ensure you use a new account with a guest.

Download Call of Duty Mobile Mod Menu Here

Conclusion – Call of Duty Mobile Mod Menu Android

Thanks to the Call of Duty mobile mod menu android where you can start a real war based on the game of the same name. The modification will add many weapons and mobs with the help of the new combat mechanics implemented.

The game has become one of the real bestsellers in the shooter world. Therefore, gamers will be deeply impressed by the incredible cinematic plot, beautiful graphics, and animation.

Well, we discovered that there are a lot of searchers for the call of duty mod menu android. You should use the social share button to let this webpage reach them faster. However, the comment section is opened for questions. Thanks.

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